Rocky Mountain Bowfishing American Falls Classic Tournament May 20th – 21st, 2017

By on April 9, 2017

Register for the Rocky Mountain Bowfishing American Falls Classic 2017 taking place May 20th through May 21st. This is a non-paid registration intended only to gather launch order, shirts sizes, and approximate number of teams arriving. You will pay and pick up your packet at the tourney location when you arrive. Online payments are not accepted.

Willow Bay Campground in American Falls
2701 Marina Road
American Falls, Idaho 83211

Willow Bay Marina in American Falls
2830 Marina Road
American Falls, Idaho 83211

Click here to pre-registration for this tournament (free camping with registration)

  • Registration Fee: $30
  • Big Five $20/Day
  • Big Fish $20/Day
  • Bank/Wading Class (Big Fish only) $10/day
Schedule Friday 19th:
  • Golf (contact Bonnie Shappart)
  • 4:00pm – Start of some Corn Hole tournaments
  • Live band
  • Western Costume Party
  • Dinner provided by Rocky Mountain Bowfishing sponsor 2 Ducks Smoking (Robert Woods) for a small fee.
Schedule Saturday 20th:
  • Launch 10:00am
  • Return 5:00pm
  • Dinner and Raffle after weigh in (included in registration fees)
Schedule Sunday 21st:
  • Launch 9:00am
  • Return 2:00pm
  • Launch line will flip Sunday
    • First out Saturday will be last out Sunday
Big Fish, Big 5, and Numbers Classes:
  • Big fish and Big 5 are daily payouts
    • Up to 4 person team
  • Numbers (open class) is a two day total
    • Two person team only
  • These classes boats are required
Bank/Wading Class:
  • No boats allowed
  • Single Team
  • Pay out Saturday and Sunday
  • BIG fish pot- Biggest carp for that day wins.
    • This can be bowfishing or Rodfishing

No shooting on tourney waters 3 days before scheduled tournament.

Please contact Nick Hopkins with any questions at (208) 251-9008 or by Email.
THANK YOU to the title sponsors of this tournament!

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June Sucker | Utah Lake

Differentiating a June Sucker from a Carp

By on March 21, 2017

Hey Utah Bowfishers! It’s about that time of year to check that all your gear is still intact and renew your fishing license if you let it lapse. Just a reminder that June sucker are federally listed as an endangered species so it’s important to refresh ourselves on the difference between June sucker and Carp.

 June Sucker Attributes Carp Attributes
  • Gray or brownish with a paler belly
  • Relatively long head tipped by a blunt snout
  • Large mouth positioned low on the face
  • Long and torpedolike body
  • Grows up to 24 inches
  • Square dorsal fin is centered on the back
  • The tail fin has pointed lobes
  • Anal fin is rounded
  • Gray, brassy green, or yellowish green
  • Body covered in large scales
  • Barbels on each side of the mouth
  • Thick bodies
  • Long dorsal fin
  • Large spine is present at the front of the dorsal fin
  • The tail fin is deeply forked with rounded lobes

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